About me and my work

About me

Living near Porthleven I enjoy walking along the cliff tops, beaches and coastal paths of West Cornwall and the Lizard Peninsular. I find the scenery to be totally awesome, there is nothing that lifts my heart more than the beauty of the sea and the land around me and through my painting I hope to be able to share some of the magic. My camera and sketch book help me to capture those moments created by the exceptional light, big skies and ever changing seas of the Cornish coastline and also the wide array of wild flowers that brighten out hedgerows and woodlands. There is so much to see and enjoy, as no two moments are the same. I can watch waves forever!

It is the colour and light, especially those of the seas, that inspires me to paint and I particularly enjoy using oil paint with a range of mediums but also acrylics, pastels and watercolour depending on the piece of work to be undertaken. I use artist quality paints on canvas, canvas panels, wood panels and paper. My pieces can be found in private collections across the UK and overseas, including the US, Europe and Australia.

I would love to receive feedback about my work and would welcome any comments. Also if you are interested in knowing more about my work or are interested in buying a painting you have seen on this website then please use the Contact page.