About me and my work

About me
I attribute my love of and interest in the natural environment to my mother, herself an expert gardener and an artist, and this has developed throughout my life. After studying (amongst other subjects) my two lead subjects of Art and Biology to A Level I completed a Biological degree at Manchester University focusing on the environment and the impact of human interaction. Having lived in West Yorkshire and the Inner Hebrides, I moved to Cornwall with my husband almost half a lifetime ago. On retirement from a career in education, it has been a pleasure to now have the time to put my paint brushes to use and channel the inspiration from the environment around me in my own way through paint.

Living in West Cornwall I enjoy walking along the cliff tops, beaches and coastal paths and find the landscape to be totally awesome. There is nothing that lifts my heart more than the beauty of the world around me and through my painting I hope to be able to share some of the magic that I have the privilege to enjoy. I always take my camera and sketch book with me to capture those moments created by the exceptional lighting conditions, big skies and ever changing seas of the Cornish coastline and also the wide array of wild flowers that brighten out hedgerows and woodlands. There is so much to see and enjoy, as no two moments are the same. I can watch waves forever! In addition I love to travel and find inspiration in the stunning landscapes of the world around me wherever I am.

I just love colour, especially those of the seas, and enjoy using a variety of mediums especially oil paint but also use acrylics, soft pastels and watercolour depending on the piece of work to be undertaken. I have recently been developing my use of oil paints and now use them as my main medium, particularly for work painted in my studio. I love the lovely buttery texture which lends itself to a multitude of application methods and different finishes with a strong covering power along with colours that remain true.

I would love to receive feedback about my work and would welcome any comments. Also if you are interested in knowing more about my work or are interested in buying a painting you have seen on this website then please use the Contact page.